So, I’m going to be a Glasshole.

Have you ever wanted to strap a camera to your face and creep out passers-by while simultaneously distancing yourself from the people you care about?  I know I have.  So, I got the opportunity to purchase Google Glass and I went for it.  I’ll be getting it somewhat soon, and I’ll post my thoughts about it.

For now, do I think it’s the way of the future?  It’s an interesting question in itself.  The whole point of lock screen notifications is to determine information at a glance, and what could be easier than glancing up instead of pulling a phone out?  Why look at your wrist for a smartwatch when the information is already in front of you?

I really don’t think that this is the way of the future, unless it can be developed into something less ostracizing.  Regardless of whether it’s on or off, the person whom you would be having the conversation with would feel that you might not be paying attention.  Sure, the light from the display is visible from the other side so you know if it’s on or not. But, that doesn’t eliminate the sheer potential anticipation of some new tidbit of information, some delectable piece of information to feed our ever-growing need to be constantly entertained.  Did I see it flash?  Is it still on?  Maybe I missed something on the display, I should check.

There’s a really impressive video below which shows the potential down the line which I highly recommend.  We have the need to be constantly entertained, constantly looking at something.  Entire train rides and flights spent with people staring at their phones, tablets, and computers.  Google Glass blurs that line even further by constantly putting that information always within eyesight, always ever-present.  There’s technology, and then there’s technology designed with not only ergonomics but societal impacts.  Until Google Glass or some other device can address that in a manner that brings people closer together, I don’t think it can succeed.


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