This is why you’re losing money, HTC

HTC, you guys are assholes.  You don’t get what is important to people.  I want to be able to, at a glance, determine why the hell your phone has vibrated and that damn light will not stop blinking on the lock screen.  Is it important?  Is it a meeting notice?  An important work email?  Facebook message?  I want to know within a few seconds whether it’s something worth looking at, and forget about it if it’s not.

It was bad enough with your default Sense 5.0.  The Productivity option on the lock screen could only display certain things, but I could bypass that by using a widget.  Now, with the update, you not only remove the ability to display calendar notifications and emails, the two very most important things for me to access on a work phone, you now hide the widget on a separate page, so I have to swipe just in the proper position to even see the widget that’s actually telling me useful information like those fucking emails and calendar notifications.

The damn blinking light.  It doesn’t tell me what type of notification it is, it doesn’t tell me if it’s important, and it doesn’t tell me if I’ve already read the email that it’s still bitching about or any other notification I already looked at hours ago.  It’s has 13 unread emails, but it doesn’t bother to notice that I’ve read all the emails it’s complaining about and just wasting my time again.

But that’s okay, because you still haven’t updated the search mechanism within Email so that I can search the content in the emails like a modern smartphone!  Draft emails seem to be hit or miss as well, as they only sometimes seem to go into the actual Draft folder.  And seriously, the period key so close to the Home button?  My thumb is literally the width of both the Home button and the period button.  In addition, I sometimes accidentally hit the Home button while trying to press the Return key or the space bar.  There’s a reason Google depreciated the damn physical buttons.

This rant airs out my grievances and frustrations, but let’s look at the bigger picture here.  This isn’t just bad design, this squanders time.  I would actually be more productive if I didn’t use your device at all, something that is supposed to increase my productivity.  If I’m taken as the average user, it’s wasting about half an hour of work time each day for me.  If I work 48 weeks a year (including vacation and holidays) with a standard five-day work-week, that’s 120 hours a year or three entire work-weeks wasted just from looking at my damn phone.  Extrapolate this out to a couple million users (an extremely conservative number for the entire HTC One/Mini/Max), that’s over 115,000 YEARS of people’s time that were wasted cumulatively in just one year.

Money can be earned again, but time is the one thing that can never be reclaimed.  In all that misplaced time, I wonder what people would have done with that what was lost on so basic a feature.  Would their work day have been shorter, would they have spent more time with their children, their loved ones, invented some new object, had a new idea, created something beautiful?  It’s a bastardization of what technology is supposed to do, bring people together and make lives easier.  This is why you don’t deserve my money or that of anyone else’s.


EDIT: Calendar notifications do show up on the main lock screen; however, emails still don’t.